Safety Related Fasteners and Precision Machined Components for the Nuclear Power Industry

Quality Program

The TRUST Manufacturing Quality Assurance Program represented by ASME Certifications QSC-594 has been developed to meet nuclear industry Codes and Standards and as a minimum:

- US NRC 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B
- ASME Section III Subsection NCA-3800 / NCA-4000
- ASME Section III Division 3 Class SC (Storage Containments)
- ASME Section III Division 3 Class TC (Transportation Containments)
- ASME Section XI
- ASME / ANSI N45.2
- US NRC 10CFR Part 71
- US NRC 10CFR Part 72
- US NRC 10CFR Part 21
- Federal Law Title 18 Chapter 47
- ISO-9001

Other Codes, Standards and/or Specifications imposed by Contract can be processed by Trust under the requirements of this Program and specific Standard Trust Operating Procedures.

Quality Program Scope
- Manufacture, Fabrication, Supply, Reconciliation and Conversion of Metallic (Ferrous and Nonferrous) and, Non-Metallic materials
- Provide Services such as Staff Augmentation, Consulting, Reverse Engineering, Calibration and Testing including Dedication Testing

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NOTE: Trust has been audited by an NQA-1 / N45.2 Lead Auditor who will make the audit report, audit checklist and auditors qualification records available. Contact Trust for details.
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